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  • What We’re Reading: Nov. 13-17 November 17, 2017
    Thanksgiving prep, design, and tech. This marvelous product from Stove Top is sold out, but maternity pants should still do the trick. Just a reminder for the novice Thanksgiving chefs out there that the Butterball Hotline really does exist. grassrootsgroundswell/flicker/2011 Don’t mistake us for ungrateful, but we wish we worked in this library! Gaudi’s La […]
    Abby Creitz
  • What We’re Reading: Nov. 6-10 November 10, 2017
    Questionable products, security, dessert, waiting, bugs, time, art, glitter, communities, and autonomous vehicles. Welcome to 2017, where the following items are being sold: Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, & Exhibit D. Finally! A purpose for lava lamps. Leave it to Alinea to reinvent pumpkin pie. TheCulinaryGeek/flickr/2010 Google Maps is adding a new feature that […]
    Abby Creitz
  • What We’re Reading: Oct. 30 – Nov. 3 November 3, 2017
    Pricing, hauntings, misbehavior, groceries, engineering, HR, plots, and voids. Noticing a rise in house prices? It’s not just you. According to some sources, there are specters  hanging around the White House. dead cat/flickr/2010 Kids will be kids, but we’d be surprised if this one‘s punishment stopped at grounding. Please read this before your next grocery […]
    Abby Creitz
  • The History of NAR’s Annual Conventions in Chicago November 3, 2017
    Today marks the beginning of the 110th annual REALTORS® Conference and Expo.  NAR welcomes attendees back to Chicago for the ninth time since the annual meetings began in 1908.  Much has changed over the years, with the convention going from a modest affair of 120 attendees to grand event for more than 20,000 REALTORS®. In […]
    Hathaway Hester

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