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  • What We’re Reading: August 22-26 August 26, 2016
    Technology, science, sportsmanship, um, baseball, unique homes, paint, travel, www, and trade secrets. We dream of a world in which we have a strong WiFi signal in each room of the house. Have you updated your iPhone recently? You might want to. Pokemon Go is causing concern among some conservationists. Prepare ship for Ludicrous Speed! […]
    Abby Creitz
  • What We’re Reading: August 15-19 August 19, 2016
    Harry Potter, RE investment, environmental change, names, careers, apps, TV, health, and Middle Earth. We were told no more Harry Potter stories, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get more from the Potter universe! If only we had had the money to invest in real estate as 11 year olds… The Playboy Mansion has finally […]
    Abby Creitz
  • What We’re Reading: August 8-12 August 12, 2016
    Olympics, mortgages, castles, design, tedium, cookies, autonomous growth, reviews, and tech! Train for citius, altius, fortius, but don’t count on making a profit. Rule 40 prevents athletes from cashing in during the games. If a gold medal winner wants cash, they could sell their medal for $564. One (profiting) athlete just tied an Olympic record […]
    Abby Creitz
  • What We’re Reading: August 1-5 August 5, 2016
    Silicon Valley, history, fashion, MTV, Netflix, architecture, business, the future, and the Olympics. Housing inventory and prices in Silicon Valley have been increasingly discussed issues. Facebook has made a proposal to address these. Like? Vrooom vroom…he’s the leader of the pack! What influence has Elon Musk had this time? Among 90s fashion, cargo shorts weren’t […]
    Abby Creitz

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