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  • What We’re Reading: Oct. 17-21 October 21, 2016
    Prompts, awards, interviews, housing, Halloween, literature, candy, hobbies, and the internet. This could be useful IRL as an augmented reality feature at cocktail parties. We will never be as cool as Bob Dylan, as proven by his ignoring one of the most prestigious awards out there. Ugh. And we thought Skype interviews were bad. Depending […]
    Abby Creitz
  • What We’re Reading: October 10-14 October 14, 2016
    Literature, technology, security, builds, recreations, clowns, libraries, and procrastination. How many roads must a man walk down, before you call him a Nobel Laureate? You’re never going to own Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now. Why do bad things happen to ostensibly good phones? Check out the packaging precautions for the safe return of these malfunctioning […]
    Abby Creitz
  • Curb Appeal October 12, 2016
    I wouldn’t say I’m known for killing plants, but I would say it’s a larger part of my identity than it should be, which is why it never made sense to me that my house proud parents assigned me the task of planting and weeding during summer breaks. The curb side of the house is […]
    Abby Creitz
  • What We’re Reading: October 3-7 October 7, 2016
    Baseball, privacy, nature, safety, bees, coffee, TV, home buying, and bathrooms. The Chicago Cubs are having a record season — how did Theo Epstein put this team together? Let’s hope the Cubs can put this mess behind them! No one deserves an ordeal like this, but can oversharing information on social media make you a […]
    Abby Creitz

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