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  • What We’re Reading: February 13-17 February 17, 2017
    The Future, history, marriage, nature, discounts, productivity, and little libraries. The robots are getting smarter. Sure, you can play an updated version of Simon, but you’ll look ridiculous. Please excuse our skepticism, but we’ll take a hard pass on this ride, and don’t see these parachutes being too accurate. This social media company is set […]
    Abby Creitz
  • What We’re Reading: February 6-10 February 10, 2017
    Meteors, skydiving, perks, libraries, safety, Open Access, dictionaries, and productivity. You don’t see this every day! Pretty sure this would fulfill our dream of flying, though we doubt we’d be as graceful. According to Glassdoor, these are the 20 best work perks out there. Librarian goals: visit this magical special library! Has an outstanding overdue […]
    Abby Creitz
  • What We’re Reading: Jan. 30 – Feb. 3 February 3, 2017
    Deals, animals, health, Pac-Man, battery life, juniper trees, taxes, and snacks. Good news if you are buying a house this month! You lucked out! Nope. We’d have to move. We don’t want to tell anyone how to spend their money, but it seems like a waste to buy plane tickets for this group.  Rob Gallop/flickr/2007 […]
    Abby Creitz
  • Death of Malls February 1, 2017
    It wasn’t so long ago that I was a teenager spending free time socializing with my friends at our local, bustling mall. Our mall was shaped like a wagon wheel with an anchor department store at the end of each spoke, and kiosks and a carousel in the hub. We would browse store by store, […]
    Abby Creitz

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